What Spinal Tap did to heavy metal,

Mixerman does to the recording process.

The Daily Adventures of Mixerman

The Most Infamous Studio Story Ever Told

In the summer of 2002, I began to chronicle my Daily events on a Major Label recording session with a bidding-war band, an infamous producer, and a seemingly limitless budget. Every night, after a long session with these crazy characters, I posted up the day’s events.

As Metro reporter Gina Arnold put it, “Mixerman is supposed to be writing about recording techniques, but somehow, through that prism, he has hit upon a gripping story.” That’s right, it was even mentioned in random newspapers at the time.When I began posting my story, I had an audience of 200. By week 4 that grew to 25,000. And by the last entry, I was posting to the delight of over 150,000 music business professionals around the world.

There were discussion threads all over the music and recording bulletin boards, debating the merits of every decision we made along the way. I was even criticized by rubberneckers for revealing the inner details of a recording session that they couldn’t stop reading themselves. The story went viral before viral was even really a thing, at a time when the Internet was just waking up.

If you read the countless reviews on the internet, it’s pretty clear that many (if not most) people find these diaries nothing short of sidesplittingly hilarious. Others find them as nothing short of reprehensible. Which just makes it all even more hilarious.

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The Audiobook

(Book). What happens when you take the unauthorized diary of the recording session that shook the music industry, and have it performed by the industry itself? You get one of the most entertaining audiobooks on the market.

With 1930s radio and Firesign Theatre in mind, Producer Aardvark and Mixerman set forth to create a full unabridged dramatization of this popular story. Complete with music, musical character motifs (ala Peter and the Wolf), foley, sound effects, and performances by some of the most well known and admired producers and mixers in the business, including: Ken Scott (The Beatles), Dave Pensado (Christina Aguillerra), Ed Cherney (Better Midler), Ron Saint Germain (U2), Jeff Lorber (Dave Koz), Joe McGrath (AFI), Dylan Dresdow (Black-Eyed Peas), William Wittman (Cyndi Lauper), Kenny Gioia (Daryl Hall & John Oates) Julian Bunetta (Hillary Duff), JP Plunier (Ben Harper), and Bob Ohllsson (Jackson 5); the two record-makers deliver an astoundingly entertaining product that is sure to provide listeners with hours of pure unadulterated enjoyment.In other words, this is not your father’s audiobook. It’s your great grandfathers! With a modern spin, of course.

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